Secret Mail

Secret Mail is another free service available to all of our members. Here's how it works:

  1. When placing an ad, you'll have the option of using regular email or secret mail.
  2. If you select secret mail, we will notify you by email as soon as someone responds to your ad. We will only notify you once, until the next time you log into our site.
  3. If you have not logged in for one week since our last email notification, we will send another email upon the next response to your ad.

To read your secret mail, simply log into our service. You will be greeted with the message "You Have New Mail!". Click on the message to read your mail.

Why should I use Secret Mail?

Secret Mail will give to the opportunity to place personal ads anonymously. You will have the option of revealing your email address each time you reply to a secret mail message.

You may also use Secret Mail for any other classified ad if you wish.

The disadvantage of using secret mail is that only members may respond to your ad. Guests may not respond.

Remember, like all of our other services, Secret Mail is completely free!